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Today we have Austyn Sherrie visiting. Welcome!


Austyn Sherrie is a true romantic at heart. When she is not busy teaching high school or spending time with her husband and son, you can find her working on a story. She loves to hear from her fans. Please, send your correspondence to austynsherrie@gmail.com
Website – http://www.austynsherrie.com/
Twitter –  https://twitter.com/austynsherrie
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/austynsherrieauthor
Amazon Author Page – http://www.amazon.com/Austyn-Sherrie/e/B018ZGG1G2

A Look Into


* World-renowned vampire chef, Michael Stake, does not believe in romance that leads to happily-ever-after. He is content with one-night stands and playing the field. Penelope Rothchild is a famous food critic on the hunt for the next best foodie establishment.
* When Penelope enters Michael’s restaurant romantic sparks fly. It does not take long for him to clear his date calendar hoping to fill it with one name. Penelope. But when Penelope secretly adds garlic to his dishes, his world goes haywire. Penelope Rothchild could be his queen in shining armor or his 10th ring of Hell. Only time on the Ranch will reveal all.
* Can their new love survive his poisoning, her realization of the vampire world, and both their stubbornness to trust? Welcome to the Gateway Ranch where anything is a possibility.


Good thing I had a double ration of blood last night or else I just may be downing you the way you’re inhaling the pastries.
* That thought stopped him in his tracks. It had been decades since he took nourishment from a human. He’d vowed a long time ago that in the future the only woman he’d drink from again was the one he’d wished to spend eternity with. Too many relationships gone wrong could emotionally stunt a vampire bachelor, not to mention the harm it did to a human.
* Penny licked the blueberry crumbs–very lady like–from her fingers.
* At this rate he’d have to make sure Fredrick made a tray of pastries just for his weekend ball and chain. “All of our berries are picked locally or flown in daily from another state. Fresh ingredients is our motto.”
* “Michael.” Penny wiped her mouth with a black linen napkin. “May I call you Michael?”
* “Sure.”
* “I am very excited to spend the weekend learning from you and about you. Consider us attached at the hip for the next few days.”
* Great. Attached at the hip. Would she still be attached to his hip when he took one of his many friends with benefits to bed tonight? The thought enticed him. And then scared the hell out of him.
* Hell no. The last thing he needed was to involve Penny in his life in a sexual way. Not to mention, she really wasn’t his type, although she easily could be.
* He had enough issues that would involve her this weekend. Even with his preoccupation with Penny licking her fingers, he must wipe any particularly erotic thought from his mind completely.
* “So, are we ready for that interview, Michael?” Carolyn continued to gaze at him while coloring her lips with a dark red lipstick, and glancing from him, to Penny, and then back into the little circular mirror in her hand. “I’d like to get this footage on the noon live telecast.”
* “Fine. Let’s get this over with.” Michael motioned for one of his staff to bring him his black-and-white chef jacket and hat, and then he pointed toward the stone fireplace in the restaurant.


Enticing Penelope by Austyn Sherrie | Contemporary, Paranormal Romance (vampires) | Available for Pre-order Now! | Publication Date: February 26, 2020 | Cover artist: Casey M.
Amazon Buy Link – eBook: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B084V1KDZQ
Print link coming soon!

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