Fate's Deal

Please note: This story is SPICY, meaning it is for a MATURE AUDIENCE. The story contains Adult Situations and Language and is not suitable for those under 18 or who dislike mature subject matter. In other words with my SPICY stories, the bedroom door is wide open and the scenes are explicit and hot. If you’re not 18 and over and/or are disturbed by erotic content, please do not stay on this book page.
Fates Deal

Fate’s Deal

Fate’s Deal is a collection of three erotic stories with aspects of romance, fantasy, paranormal, suspense and time travel. * What would you do if fate gave you a second chance? ~ Lover’s Fate ~ At the start of the Las Vegas marathon Jenna bumps into a man from her past and embarks on a life changing journey by just the touch of his hand. ~ Change of Fate ~ Tresa Grauenvoll had the perfect life–that was until she was hanged by her lover, Jurgen, for the crimes of theft and treason. Transformed into the Grim Reaper and exiled to a foreign land, she waits through the centuries for his soul to cross paths with her again so she can exact her revenge. ~ Fateful Decision ~ At the mercy of Lady Tyche and Herr Sehend, Jill, a woman betrayed, is set on a very personal, erotic, paranormal journey. The choices she makes during her travels will determine if the end result of her adventure is good or bad. Either way, Jill is in for the time of her life. ***Stories contain Adult Situations and Language and are not suitable for those under 18 or who dislike mature subject matter.***

~ Excerpt ~

* The annoying buzz of the alarm had woken her at four. She’d nervously prepped herself with the appropriate clothing, small water bottles and strategically placed packs of goo, a wonderful pudding-like substance that would give her bursts of nutrition during the race. A few times during her preparation she’d tried to rouse her friend, Katie, from her slumber so she could get ready as well, but the woman hadn’t wanted to budge. The first time she’d shaken her, Katie had rolled over and said, “It’s way too early.” The second time she’d nudged her friend, Katie griped, “I’m tired. The flight yesterday did me in.” The third time, she pulled the sheets off the sleeping woman in a flurry of impatience. Katie finally sat up, grabbed the sheets from her and flopped on the bed complaining about how cold it would be. * It was a good thing for her that her stomach had flip-flopped and churned, distracted herself from her friend’s whining. Otherwise, Jenna believed she’d have woken the entire hotel with an overly boisterous and irate rant * When she came to realize the nitty-gritty of the situation, she couldn’t blame Katie for cutting out on the race. Between the two of them, Jenna was the serious one about running the marathon, getting up two hours before she normally had to for work to run in the heat and humidity, the cold, the rain, the snow. Katie joined her when she could, but hadn’t trained as long and hard as she had. Katie wasn’t ready. She was…or so she thought. The way her nerves zinged around her body and how her stomach clenched on the small bowl of oatmeal she’d eaten an hour ago made her think differently. * People thought she was crazy when she decided to participate in a marathon. Maybe she was. But unrequited love does that to a girl. She’d been a casual jogger. The kind of runner who went out and pounded pavement for two or three miles to work off the occasional burgers and fries, but that was it. Her interest in picking up speed came after Don, a co-professor at the university where she taught, and she had finally called it quits. Jenna had dated on and off for several years, but never felt close to him, never been able to give her full heart and soul to him. During her long training runs, she found her fear of commitment to him had stemmed from the fact that he couldn’t keep his dick out of other women. Though the split had been mutual, the break still hurt. She’d decided to lose herself in running. Now here she was about ready to face twenty-six and two-tenths miles for the first time. People told her this event would change her, change her life. She planned to use the several hours of solitude to figure out if she was running from something or to something. * “Ow!” Her hand shot to her spine. She spun to see who had jabbed her back with an elbow and found herself gazing up at pair of sinfully deep dark eyes. Suddenly an urge for a slice of black forest chocolate cake consumed her. * “Ah, scusa.” * The tall and very well-toned gentleman placed a hand on her upper arm. An image of being held in his embrace in an enormous, plush white bed surrounded by full, fluffy white pillows, their naked skin against each other in post-coital bliss, shook her to her core. In her vision, she looked into his beautiful eyes and, in Italian, pleaded with him not to leave.

Fate's Deal

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