To Be Mine


Secrets. Keeping them can be harmful.

Victoria Padden, ex-socialite and “retired” party girl, believes her conservative life is fine just the way it is and isn’t looking for any kind of excitement, especially after surviving a crazy past. Landscaping business owner, Geoff McKenzie, is haunted by failed relationships. He doubts if there is such a thing as true happiness for him. But when Geoff and Tori meet at a bachelor auction and then have to work together, sparks fly and their beliefs change.

Someone doesn’t like what’s happening and threatens Tori. Holding her fear and paranoia in check and obeying the hacker, she hides the danger she’s in from everyone, hoping to keep them and herself safe.

Not saying anything this time, though, might be a fatal mistake.

Contemporary Romantic Suspense; heat rating coming soon…