Hello! Thank you for stopping by my blog and information site. Happy to have you. 😀
* Here I’ll be sharing my passions for creating. There’ll be lots of blog posts about authors and books (mine and others’). Because I love to read books from a wide variety of genres, I enjoy showcasing an eclectic assortment of authors and their stories – ranging from romance and erotica to horror, sci-fi & fantasy and everything in between and all combinations. You’ll even have posts from Casey Moss/C.R. Moss on occasion showcasing my own books, crafts, and paintings. Someday I plan to have unique gifts available for sale.
* So keep posted to this site, the blog and the pages for updates on what’s going on in my corner of the world.
Casey M.

Oh, and when you see the * in my posts that just indicates a new line/paragraph. 🙂 Looking for specific information? Use the drop down menus above or under Blog Topics to find a category and go from there or use the search bar.