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Title: Darkbeam Part I
Author: Adrienne Woods
Series: Beam Series
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 464
ISBN: 978-1947649095
ASIN: B0755NL92W
Audio: Coming Soon
Release Date: November 24 2017
Publisher: Fire Quill Publishers

Description:Everyone in Paegeia knows that only one Rubicon dragon lives at a time.
If more than one, they will destroy Paegeia and eventually the rest of the world as they crave that constant power for dominance.
Blake Leaf is this era’s Rubicon, and is destined for grate things if his darkness can be won.
Darkbeam Part 1 follows the story of the Rubicon and how he tries to keep his beast, the darkness, at bay.


57331327_2224653217610816_9132481818677739520_nAlso Available on Audio.

Would you like a complete different reading experience. Darkbeam Part I is available on audio, read by award winning narrator, Kevin T. Collins (also narrated Beautiful Creatures). Perfect for during commuting, house chores or just relaxing. Find out why audios are so popular in today’s time and age. Available for purchasing at Amazon and Audible.

Listen to a sample HERE


AdrianneAdrienne is a USA Today bestselling author living in South Africa, where she writes full time. Firebolt, book one of the wildly popular Dragonian series, was her debut novel. Her second series, Dream Casters, will conclude with book three, Millue, to be released in 2019.
FOR MORE INFORMATIONwww.adriennewoodsbooks.com


The crowds were already cheering in the Colosseum, as I was busy feeding the beast. The Snow Dragon kept to her word. I found her wearing only her robe in my changing area where I would exit into the ring.
It happened so fast. I wanted to fill a need, one of the beast’s needs. I kissed her fiercely. Her back connected hard with the wall as her legs curled around my waist.
Her body was sculpted to perfection. Her white skin brought to mind an ice queen. She reminded me of winter; she calmed my yearning, and her cold touch calmed my own stirring flame deep inside.
Her complaints filled my ears. It pleased the beast. When she begged for more, I gave her what she wanted.
Lust and satisfaction numbed both the beast and myself. When we reached climax, my brain temporarily exploded into fireworks, blinding the darkness.
Her laughter filled my ears, tired laughter. I could hear my name being called outside.
“Ru-bi-con, Ru-bi-con, Ru-bi-con.” I didn’t know how long it had been carrying on. It was time to go.
“Give him hell. Make him regret that he ever decided to try and claim you.” She touched my lips. The beast was calm. He was at peace. “You are untamable,” she said softly.
My lips curved. I kissed her on the lips and left.
The crowd was going insane. The Dragonians and the dragons. And of course the press.
My eyes snagged on King Helmut. There was a warning in them.
Don’t hurt my son. No, don’t kill my son.
Your son shouldn’t have done this.
Our gaze broke and I turned slowly around to see how packed the Colosseum was. Everyone was here because it was me and the Prince of Tith.
I wasn’t a show pony like some of the other dragons. I didn’t rile up the crowds or put on a show for them. I was the Rubicon. A mere lift of my arms made them go wild.
The song played.
It was something stupid Dragonians did. And the one Lucian had chosen only amped me up more. Whether it was too much base or the effect the electric guitar had on me. It rippled through my bones, clawed on my scales.
The Dragonians hummed with the tune. The ground vibrated under my feet as they stomped in unison.
My gaze found Lucian’s.
He looked determined, with a rope wrapped around his arms and a shield in his hands. His eyes were narrow. Wearing his safety vest with combat boots reaching his calves, he looked more like a soldier who belonged in a futuristic story than a modern-day knight trying to tame a dragon. Especially a dragon who didn’t belong to him.
Why the hell are you doing this, you fool? You haven’t even ascended yet!
His light streamed out of him as he stared at me with so much compassion, it made me want to throw up. The beast was starting to reawaken.
The Snow Dragon hadn’t been enough.
I jumped into the air. The first part that broke out of my human flesh was my wings. The rest followed as if it was the most natural thing in the world.
Deep, dark red and purple scales replaced human skin.
A deadly tail.
Four paws with sharp talons replaced my limbs.
Rows and rows of pointy teeth and a mane of thick tendrils flapped with a shake of my head.
I roared.
Lucian stood his ground.
I tuned in and found his heartbeat. It was elevated but not from fear. From adrenaline, admiration, and anticipation. He was ready.
He steadied his shield in front of him and placed his free hand on the rope over his shoulder. “Let’s show them a claiming they will never forget!” he yelled in Latin.
I started to chuckle. The beast was taking over. Nothing I did would protect Lucian from its wrath.
“There will never be a claiming. You are not the royal the Viden prophesied.”
I changed the scenery of the Colosseum to a swamp. I loved swamps; you could do and be so many things in a swamp. Set booby traps, drown enemies in mud, and they wouldn’t even see it coming. The beast was already clouding my mind.
Remember who that is. No killing him!I roared. The beast gave a roar back; it sent shivers down my spine and straight into my soul. It was letting me know who was in charge. Today was going to be a fight I could have never prepared myself for. The one inside myself.
Lucian looked dazed by the swamp that had suddenly appeared around us. Fresh terror lit his eyes.
I stayed still, concealed like a boulder right in front of him. Then the beast took over completely. I was in way over my head.
Don’t kill him. I’ll give you what you want. Just don’t kill him.
The fight was hard. Not just against Lucian, but against myself too.
I almost gave in. I hung on by a thread. Killing Lucian wasn’t an option.
I had to stay in control.
Lucian fought well.
The swamp didn’t last long. He was really good, the only one truly worthy of being inside this ring with me, If I was honest.
He finally lost his balance as I shook the ground stomping my feet.
It carried on like that for a long time. Like a stupid game. Lucian struggled to regain his balance and bounced hard against the floor.
The beast thought it was comical.
Enough!I put a stop to it.
The beast went for Lucian. Lucian rolled around; my paws just missed squashing him by inches.
I didn’t want to look, but I had no choice.
I was scared. Yet at the same time, I loved everything about it. I was getting angry as he slipped through my paws.
The battle raged.
Lucian refused to give up. Every tiny breadth of space he found, every second of reprieve, he used to gain the upper hand.
At one stage, I thought he had me. It was so intense. The way the crowd cheered. Their chants coursed through the ground and drilled into my scales.
And then he used his rope.
I didn’t even see him coming.
The bastard had just been on the ground, rolling to dodge my lethal paws, and then he was gone, just like that.
I heard his scream from behind as he leaped onto my back.
I was too late to attack him with an ability. He landed on my spine hard. The rope looped around one of my horns. One that I couldn’t reach.
He’d done his homework. He swung from the rope.
I tried to squash him in the process of climbing off my back, but he was thumping and throwing my body in all directions. I only did exactly what he’d hoped.
I got myself tangled in the ropes, half-strangled.
He was bringing me down. “Yield, Blake, for the both of us! Just yield!”
This was it. He was going to win. Whether he was the foretold royal or not. Lucian always believed it didn’t matter what people said, that as long as you believed it with your heart and you confessed it with your mind, you could make anything happen. And this was it. The proof behind his faith.
But the beast in me refused to yield.
I wasn’t anyone’s lamb. I am the Rubicon! I cannot be tamed!
The strength that had waned a few minutes ago came back, amplified exponentially. My body shredded through the rope that had trapped me.
Lucian yelled out of frustration and ducked, diving again to escape my wrath.
I wasn’t thinking clearly anymore.
I didn’t remember our friendship and how close we’d been.
I spat my acid at him. The spots where my acid balls landed disintegrated. Rocks melted and shattered, giving him less and less hiding spaces. But the weasel still escaped me. My wrath became darker.
He rolled out from hiding, ready to jump again, but this time the beast was ready. Before I could control it, a flash of lightning left my mouth.
He wasn’t supposed to be here in the first place.
The lightning struck him.
He flew back and convulsed violently on the floor. He shook as volts of electricity ran through him.
Then it stopped.
Lucian’s body lay lifeless on the cold, unforgiving floor of the Colosseum. I wanted to attack him again. He would always come back if I didn’t finish him off and I couldn’t have that.
A Sun-Blast dragon flew in, followed by a Fin-Tail and a Copper-Horn. All of them were so fast.
I wanted to scorch their asses.
I growled and screeched. They ducked and dove, avoiding my lightning and acid.
One of them connected hard with me. I staggered a few feet, but kept my balance. They pummeled me. They came again and again.
I growled.
“Blake, calm down,” Professor Mia said as a Fin-Tail crashed into me this time.
“Remember who you are,” she commanded.
The Fin-Tail rammed the other side of my body.
It took four of them to make me remember who I truly was and the guy I’d almost killed.
I pulled back.
“He’s calming down,” she said. “Give him some room.”
The beast inside me still growled.
STOP IT! JUST STOP!the human part of me yelled as I disconnected from the hatred, the darkness, and the irrepressible drive to kill. The beast’s constant thirst for blood.
I morphed back into my human form and lay on the ground. Someone scurried up from the sidelines and covered me with a robe, then disappeared before I had a chance to attack.
I took huge breaths to calm my soul, my mind, and my heart, even though I couldn’t feel it beating. My entire being was on edge.
“Blake?” Mia asked. I looked up at her. She was in her human form too, draped hastily in a robe from somewhere, crouching next to me. I pushed myself up, resting with my elbows on my knees, just taking deep breaths, steadying myself.
“I thought we’d lost you for a second.”
I shook my head. “It’s getting stronger. I don’t know how much longer I can hold on, Mia.” And then it hit me. “Lucian!”
I jumped up from the floor and bolted to the one of the gates. The one that led to Lucian’s changing room. The gate was locked but I could see Constance working on his limp body.
“Blake, calm down.” One of the other professors said through the gate.
“Lucian!” Tears streamed down my cheeks. What have I done?
Mia got hold of me. “Let them do their job.”
“Get off me,” I said through gritted teeth. Hot, shameful tears rolled down my cheeks. “I did that to him, Mia. Me.”
“Calm down. Lucian knows the risks, Blake. He knows.”
“No, don’t.” I needed to get out of there. There was no escape. I looked at the sky.
“Lower the shield!” Mia yelled and pulled my chin down to look at her.
Our eyes met.
The shimmer started to soften and then the shield vanished.
“Just go.” Mia’s eyebrows knitted together, her eyes soft. I hated that look. Pity.
Thank you.I wanted to say it so badly, but the words just didn’t form in my mouth.
I shifted back into the beast and flapped my huge wings. I flew like I’d never flown before. Away from the atrocity I’d committed this day.



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