Welcome to Scarlett Scott w/ #Historical #Romance ‘Reckless Need’ @scarscoromance @GoddessFish

Today we have author Scarlett Scott visiting. Welcome!

What would you like to tell readers about yourself?

* Award-winning author Scarlett Scott writes historical and contemporary romance with heat, heart, and happily ever afters. Since publishing her first book in 2010, she has become a wife, mother to adorable identical twins and one TV-loving dog, and a killer karaoke singer. Well, maybe not the last part, but that’s what she’d like to think.
* A self-professed literary junkie and nerd, she loves reading anything but especially romance novels, poetry, and Middle English verse. When she’s not reading, writing, wrangling toddlers, or camping, you can catch up with her on her website, where her complete book list and information about upcoming releases can be found. Hearing from readers never fails to make her day.

Today Scarlett Scott will be talking about the best piece of writing advice she’s received and how it helped her.
* The best writing advice I ever received was back in college from my favorite professor, and it was not to be afraid to cut my writing, to pare it down into the leanest, most efficient prose it can be. As writers, we work so hard for those words on the page that the idea of removing any of them is enough to induce separation anxiety. But we’re not doing ourselves any favors by clinging to words—or even sentences and pages—that aren’t as good as they need to be. This advice has held true and strong for me over the years, and I’ve never regretted cutting a single thing from any of my books when it wasn’t good enough.

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A look into…

~ Blurb ~

A staid duke
* Heath, the Duke of Devonshire, has been living a passionless life of penance after losing the woman he loved. Determined to do his duty, he’s in search of an innocent bride with a sterling reputation. A bride who’s nothing at all like Tia, Lady Stokey.
A bold lady
* The Duke of Devonshire may be handsome, but he’s as boring as a bowl of porridge. Or so Tia thinks until he carries her to her chamber and undoes half her buttons while kissing her senseless.
A decadent desire
* The moment he scoops the delectable Tia into his arms, Heath wants her in his bed, and he’ll stop at nothing to have her there. When they unleash the scandal of the century, they must face consequences that are deeper and far more dangerous to their hearts than either of them imagined. Will they find love, or was the reckless need between them doomed from the start?

~ Excerpt ~

* He opened the door and froze on the threshold.
* She was within, all right. And she was bloody well half-naked, standing before a crackling fire in nothing but her corset and chemise. Her lovely hair was unbound, hanging to her waist, her delicious curves on full display from nipped waist to lush hips and bosom.
* Her gaze caught his. “Heath,” she said softly. “I should have expected it would be you.”
* He wasn’t certain if she meant that in a good sense or in a bad sense. Belatedly becoming aware of the wind and rain at his back, he stepped all the way into the cabin and closed the door behind him.
* “Are you injured?” he demanded, closing the distance between them easily.
* Relief coursed through him, banishing the very real fear that had taken up residence within him ever since learning of her disappearance. He wanted to take her in his arms, but after their last discussion, he hardly knew where they stood.
* She caught her lower lip between her teeth in that way she had that he already found mesmerizing. “Once again, I landed with an appalling lack of grace. I’m afraid my bad ankle rather bore the brunt of it.”
* She convulsed with a violent shiver then, her teeth chattering. To hell with the walls she wanted to build between them. “You’re cold.” He shucked his wet coat and wrapped his arms around her, drawing her into the warmth of his body. She didn’t protest, snuggling against him like a little kitten. He tucked her head beneath his chin, the sweet perfume of violets wafting up to tease him. “Better?”
* “I suppose it depends upon one’s definition of the word,” she quipped.
* He was grateful that she didn’t seem at all rattled. She was herself, with a rapier-sharp tongue always at the ready. He’d never met a woman quite like her, and he was increasingly drawn to her despite his every good intention. “Are you warmer?” he clarified.
* “A bit.” Her teeth chattered again. “How did you find me?”
* “Luck.”Or perhaps a lack thereof, because surely the fates were laughing at him now.

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Thank you for joining us here today, Scarlett Scott! It was a pleasure getting to know you and your story.

ANNOUNCEMENT! Scarlett Scott will be awarding a Kindle or paperback copy of Books 1 & 2 in this series to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour! So be sure to leave a comment AND use this RAFFLECOPTER LINK to enter the drawing. Also, visit the other tour stops for a greater chance of winning!

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