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Today we have author Gale Stanley visiting. Welcome!

What would you like to tell readers about yourself?

* Gale Stanley grew up in Philadelphia PA. She was the kid who always had her nose in a book, her head in the clouds, and her hands on a pad and pencil.
* Some things never change.

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A look into…

~ Blurb ~

* Ray and Jared were living the perfect life until Ray discovered his ability to shift. Now he dreams of his wolf every night, and lives in fear of the beast.
* Remus is the only man who can help Ray control his inner wolf. But if they connect will Jared become the odd man out?

~ Excerpt ~

* “Wake the fuck up! Come on, Ray, wake up.”
* Jared gripped Ray’s upper arms and shook him again. No response. Nobody sleeps that soundly. For Christ’s sake, he looked catatonic, like the woman in The Fall of the House of Usher, who’s pronounced dead and then buried alive. Now Jared was scared. He considered throwing cold water on him, maybe calling for an ambulance. He shook Ray again.
* Slowly, Ray opened his right eye. An explosion in Afghanistan took his left eye years ago.
* “Jared?” Ray mumbled.
* “Yeah, Jared. Were you expecting someone else?”
* Ray looked around the room. He seemed confused.
* “Snap out of it, man. I couldn’t wake you.”
* “I’m awake. I’m awake.” Ray stretched. He looked like he wanted to go back to sleep.”
* “You scared the hell out of me.”
* “Sorry. I must have been dreaming.”
* “Must have been some dream. There’s a wet spot on the bed.”
* Ray checked the sheets. He looked surprised. “Sorry.”
* “Forget it, Sexy.” Jared climbed into bed with him. “Tell me all the dirty details. I want to get off too.”
* “You know I never remember my dreams.” Ray rolled out of bed. “I better change the sheets.”
* Jared made a grab for him. “Later.”
* Ray evaded him. “Look at the time, Jared.”
* “You used to call me Baby?” Jared spoke more harshly than he intended.
* “Fuck the sheets, and the time. We own the company. Let’s go in late. Better yet, let’s take the day off.”
* “We can’t afford to close shop, even for one day. Too many P.I.’s in Jersey. The completion is killing us.”
* “We’re the new guys in town. All we need is a big profile case and the clients will be knocking our door down.”
* “I hope so.” Ray headed toward the bathroom. “I’m gonna shower.”
* “Come back, I’ll give you a tongue bath instead.”
* The bathroom door slammed behind Ray. Worried, Jared lay back with his arms under his head. Ray never wanted to fuck anymore. He always had an excuse. I’m too tired. It’s late. I’m drunk. I have a headache.
* The sex had been dwindling for months. Six months to be exact. Ever since Remus showed up and screwed up their lives. If he was just another man Jared could handle the competition, but Remus was larger than life, a superhero who’d come from Ray’s past to claim him.

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Thank you for joining us here today, Gale Stanley! It was a pleasure getting to know you and your story.

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