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Today we have author Sara Ackerman visiting. Welcome!

What would you like to tell readers about yourself?

Sara Ackerman is an author by day and a writer by night.
* Sara Ackerman is a lifetime lover of words. After years of encouraging students to write, she finally took her own advice and “sat down and did it already.” She lives in southwestern Wisconsin where she was born and raised.
* She loves to read all genres of books, though her true love is historical romance. Unsurprisingly, that is what she can be found reading when she is not writing. Her particular favorites include Jane Austen alternative histories and anything by Mary Balogh or Julia Quinn.
* When not found with a nose in a book or in her writing lair, Sara enjoys superheroes, believes in magic and loves being with her family (but not necessarily in that order).

A look into…

~ Blurb ~

* During England’s war against Napoleon, Beatrice Westby fights for her life after her ship explodes and leaves her near death. Rescued by her childhood sweetheart, Luka Stefano, she is slowly nursed back to health by his grandmother. Fate, Luka believes, brought Bea into his life for a reason, but his plans change when she awakens, her memories gone, and believes they are married. Thrust into the role of doting husband, Luka falls under her seductive spell again.
* Thomas Wickes will stop at nothing to find the woman he claims as his. After months of searching, their reunion is short lived, for Beatrice’s memories return. Unable to choose between the two men she loves, she flees across war-torn France to find the man she believes killed her father, with Luka and Thomas in pursuit. Even as she fights her shadowy past, she untangles the mysteries of her heart and chooses, altering her future forever.

~ Excerpt ~

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Thank you for joining us here today, Sara Ackerman! It was a pleasure getting to know you and your story.