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Today we have author Rowan Bishop visiting. Welcome!

What would you like to tell readers about yourself?

* All her life, Rowan Bishop has thrown herself into both romance and science fiction every chance she could, so it was destiny that she’d fall in love with the growing subgenre of science fiction romance.
* Consequently, she stepped away from her retail career to focus on her dream of writing full-time. The new girl on SFR scene, she brings her electrifying love stories and her naughty fantasies to our galaxy.
* Rowan Bishop is her penname.

Today Rowan Bishop will be talking about a book that had a big impact on her.
* My love affair with science fiction didn’t begin until my late teens. I had grown up reading all the books my peers surrounded themselves with, from Black Beauty to Island of the Blue Dolphins, but I began to stray from them around the time I turned fifteen.
* I discovered fantasy first. Particularly epic fantasy. And like many other people, I transitioned from fantasy to science fiction through the works of Frank Herbert. Particularly Dune.
* Dune is the ideal blend of science fiction and fantasy. And it sucked me up completely.
* A huge war of noble houses, meddling guilds, and just the right touch of magic. But, you know, set in space. The protagonist, Paul Atreides, is an heir to a duchy with a rich history, and to say that he is ready for the job would be an understatement. His father, Duke Leto, is ordered to be the governor of Arrakis, the hellish, dry hostile world, the only place where the sole source of magic, the spice, is found. But it’s a set up. Underhanded politics pit houses against each other. Heroes are set up to fail. And prophecies are the only thing left to cling to.
* Now that’s what I call a fantastic blend of science fiction and fantasy.
* For me, Dune is the book to beat. Every other entry into the science fiction cannon must unfortunately be held up to the light that Dune casts upon the genre. It’s a tough act to follow.

A look into…


~ Blurb ~

* Akyra Roux is an up-and-coming Security Operations commander: ambitious, dedicated, and fearless. Her soldiers have a reputation for getting the job done and cracking skulls, earning her a perilous mission to the far fringes of the galaxy.
* As soon as she lands, however, Akyra learns the hard way that rival factions have a lot to gain by seeing her fail, no matter what the cost…
* Captain Raemus Petrus is the hunky, charismatic leader of the genetically-engineered Titans stationed at the outpost. He has a job to do and battles to fight, and he doesn’t let anything get in his way. However, when Akyra and her team of hot-blooded females land on the planet, his need to protect her and his duty to betray her collide…
* Can Raemus, engineered to be ruthless, prove he has enough humanity buried inside his heart to salvage his honor, save Akyra, and ultimately prove his ability to love?
* Can Akyra, running from her past, learn to lose control of the one thing holding her back, her own heart?

~ Excerpt ~

* “You’d give all this up?” Raemus pointed to the cluttered mess of the vehicle maintenance shed they’d been facing the whole time, “for a family?”
* Akyra shrugged. “Family isn’t an option anymore.” She rubbed the birth control bolt deep in the skin of her shoulder, the one engineered with a homing beacon that would bring arrest, conviction, and death if removed from her body. “Being really good at fighting for The Church is all I got.” She felt pressure behind her eyes, and her nose began to itch, but she shook it off. “That’s why I’m the best commander I can be.” Akyra rubbed her hands against the intensifying cold. “What’s your excuse?”
* Raemus didn’t miss any signs of sadness spreading over Akyra’s body, the slight slouch, the successive blinks, the three irregular deep breaths. “I’m with you,” he said. “I get it. When shooting bad guys gets you through the day, might as well become the best at it.”
* She laughed through the frog in her throat. “Yes. Exactly.”
* “Well, let’s see… I can let you shoot Levi over there if that’ll make you feel any better.”
* She blurted out a big laugh.
* Her smile! Raemus thought. Rich and honest. So… real.

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