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Happy New Year, y’all! Today we have author Raven McAllan visiting. Welcome!

A look into…

* Thank you for inviting me onto your blog today, to talk about Temptation my recently released book from Evernight Publishing.
* Temptation is the first book in a new series about an Isola dei Sogni, an island in the Indian Ocean where dreams and fantasies come true—if you let them.
* I can honestly say I had so much fun letting my imagination take me to Isola dei Sogni, and finding out just what happens there and of course who to.
* Temptation is the story of Marloth and Meryl, and how much of a mess they can make their relationship.
* Well when your heroine is feisty and doesn’t suffer fools gladly and your hero a tiger shifter Dom, it’s not going to be easy is it?
* Impulse, book two in the series will be out in March. Meanwhile you can buy Temptation from all good ebook sellers including Evernight Publishing. (See the buy links below.)
Happy reading,
Love Raven xx

~ Blurb ~

* An island where dreams and fantasies come true?
* Unheard of.
* That’s what Meryl thought until someone showed her the brochure.
* Dare she?
* It was all well and good until the one person she didn’t want to see was there. Ready, willing and able to give her those fantasies.
* Marloth couldn’t believe his eyes when the one lady he truly loved appeared on Isola Dei Sogni. Was this his second chance to prove his love for her?
* Now he just had to get her to believe in him, and that they had a future together.
* Being a shifter wasn’t going to help. He’d need all of his human skills to achieve his heart’s desire.

~ Excerpt ~

* Meryl’s mind went blank. What on Earth had she said she wanted as a fantasy, anyway?
* “Deserted island, champagne, good book,” Marloth said as he weaved the big leaves into a canopy. “Peace and quiet.”
* “Will you stop doing that?” Meryl said in indignation. “It’s my mind. You shouldn’t go into it without an invitation.”
* He grinned and showed his impressive teeth. With a twinkle in his eyes that flashed amber and gold, he looked every inch the majestic big cat. Meryl swallowed and rolled with the tingles of heat and excitement that spun around her and stung her skin with tiny darts of pleasure. Damned if the bugger wasn’t purring. And that come-to- me-and-let-me-ravish-you look was way too enticing for her liking. No, no, and no. Not here, not now, and maybe not ever. She waited to see if Marloth had a witty—or cutting— comeback, but he didn’t say a word. She could hear him humming under his breath as he worked. If ever a man looked at peace in his world, it was him.
* “I’m not, you know.” Marloth had stopped weaving and looked at her, unblinking. The way he did that, as if every inner vision and sense was focused only on her, was unnerving. She wriggled on the log.
* “Not what?” she asked. “Reading my mind? You so are, and it’s got to stop. Or well, if you carry on, there’s no need for us to talk. You can just dredge through the myriad of random thoughts and find out what you need to know.”
* Marloth sighed. It was impressive. His whole body shuddered and resettled. Meryl bit her lip. When he did that, even though he was a man, it was so very tigerish.
* “Honey, we might not have spent long together, but I did think you understood my integrity. I only look when I’m called to. You call to me a lot, you know. So, I can’t go delving through your mind just because. Stop pushing me. That expression grab a tiger by its tail is so very true. You do it at your peril. Now, do I finish this and disappear for the rest of the afternoon, or finish it and share it with you whilst we act as civilized humans—okay, human and shifter— and talk over what we need to?”

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Thank you for joining us here today, Raven McAllan! It was a pleasure getting to know you and your story.