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inviting me to your blog today with new release MM romance,
String of Pearls

The story is set in the same SciFi fantasy city as last
year’s release, The
Indigo Vaughn, the warlock head of security, features in the
story along with a new cast of characters. When I wrote The Dreamboat, I
already had the new characters in my head along with their story. Tobias Mars
and Dante Pepper, the elite space pilots for the royal court, very nearly made
an appearance in The Dreamboat, but because that story is about Indigo at last
finding love, I decided they needed their own story.
Once upon a time Dante and Tobias were close to becoming
lovers, but Dante met Viridian and fell in love. Tobias has yet to meet his
love when String of Pearls, opens. He’s a man of high integrity, handsome,
caring, but also longing for love and sex. String of Pearls is his love story.

Handsome, elite space pilot, Tobias Mars is completing a
special mission, when on a water planet, recently ravaged by space pirates, he
discovers Dreft Hann hiding and injured in the sand dunes.
There’s instant attraction between the two men, but
honorable Tobias believes the fact Dreft is in his care precludes him from
showing his growing love for the young man. What’s worse is his shocking
discovery of Dreft’s real identity. Even so, Tobias can’t deny his feelings for
When head of royal security, powerful warlock, Indigo Vaughn
discovers Dreft’s secret, he anticipates trouble.
As beautiful Dreft falls in love with Tobias and dreams of
joining the elite pilot squad, trouble is brewing from someone in Dreft’s past.
Will love finally win with so many obstacles in Tobias and
Dreft’s path?
Warning, the book contains MM sex, MMM sex, gay anal sex, MM
oral sex

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Read an excerpt
Mars gazed at Dreft lying on top of the bed in room ten of the infirmary.
Hari’s treatment had worked wonders and not only on Dreft’s wounds. Hari had
cleaned Dreft up. His hair, now a dirt-free glossy hazelnut brown was brushed
back to show off the handsome planes of his face. Hari had replaced Dreft’s
strange boy-like clothes with the infirmary’s grey cotton pants and t-shirt. The man was, as his colleague, Dante,
put it, deliciously pretty. For a fleeting moment, Tobias wondered what it
would be like to kiss those perfect lips and hold that muscular body to his
own. He shook the thought away.

opened his eyes and a shy smile spread on his mouth. As Tobias neared him, he
shuffled up the bed to sit. “Thank you so much for helping me, sir.”
pulled a chair beside the bed and sat. “My name’s Tobias, Tobias Mars—no need
to call me sir. How are you feeling?”

handsome man’s eyes held gratitude. “I’m so much better. Thank you. I noticed
the insignia on your jacket, sir.”

grinned as his fingers went to trace the gold and blue embroidered crest. “I’m
one of the queen’s pilot explorers. I guess you could call us the elite unit.
All the same, call me Tobias. I’d like that.”

heard that you have to be aristocracy to be chosen for the unit. Is that true?”

little frown creased between Tobias’s eyes. “Have you? Where’d you hear that?”
A spike of worry prevented him from answering with the truth. His intense
security training from the warlock, Indigo Vaughn, threw a question into his
mind. Could Dreft be a rival court’s spy
or even assassin?

I mean no harm. I heard a lot of things during my years as a slave.” Dreft’s
voice held anxiety. His blue eyes clouded.

Dreft’s unease, a wave of kindness softened Tobias’s look and tone. “How long
were you a slave?” He remembered Hari’s description of the scars on Dreft’s

passed in Dreft’s eyes. “Five years—I’ve been a slave since I was stolen from
my home when I was eighteen. I, I’d become desperate, hence the leap from the
ship when we cruised reasonably low to take water from the lake on the planet
where you rescued me.” His voice cracked a little.

watched fear replace the sadness in the young man’s eyes. He wanted to lighten
the mood. “Hey, are you hungry? I bet Hari hasn’t given you breakfast and I’ve
not eaten yet. Do you feel up to a little walk? My home isn’t far. I have loads
of food—fruit, pancakes, savory pastries, and coffee. What do you say?”

gave him the most endearing look.
“I’m very hungry.”

stood and pushed the chair away from the bed. He held out his arm for Dreft to
take and helped him stand. “Hang on. You have no shoes.” Tobias left Dreft
perched on the side of the bed. He went to the closet inset at the end of the wall and brought back a pair
of felt slip-ons for Dreft.

pushed his feet into them. “Thank you. I think the medicA threw away what I was

is the best medicA available. I trust him implicitly, but he’s a hygiene fanatic.
He probably burned what you were
dressed in.” Tobias laughed. “Can you manage or will you take my arm. It’s a
gesture of support.”

gaze raked Tobias’s face and he smiled softly. “I know the clothes you found me
in probably gave you the impression I’m a pirate’s plaything. I’d like to

don’t need to—” Tobias hurried to assure Dreft.

want to.” He held Tobias’s arm.

you’ve eaten, then.” Tobias led the way from the room, along the corridor and out of the infirmary door. His villa was two
doors down from Dante’s and he walked slowly favoring Dreft’s halting steps.

limping but Hari said my legs were only bruised under the abrasions. Sorry. I
didn’t expect them to hurt so much. My ribs don’t and they were broken.”

fixed your ribs and administered slow release pain reliever at the site. He
fixed your abrasions somewhat, but it’s good to heal naturally where possible.
He wants you to rest.” A smile sprang to Tobias’s lips. “If he sees us, he’ll
probably say to me, ‘Sir, you got Dreft Hann up too soon.’”

©E.D. Parr, Evernight
Publishing, 2018

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a look at ‘Hidden Magic’ by E.D. Parr @parr_books @evernightpub #Gay #Paranormal

Thank you for hosting me with new release MM romance Hidden Magic.
I had this story in my head for months before I started to write it. The elf, Owain Lovage, was so clear in my imagination but not his lover to be. Rowan kept disappearing and then reforming. I knew he had to be special because Owain is so sure he can never have a human partner.
Owain is lonely but he’s a happy soul, already in love with nature and as much as Rowan stirs him as they meet, Owain is calm and takes the love poured out to him from Rowan like gifts.
Rowan is highly sexual and used to taking what he needs from the men he meets. He pursues Owain from the start, but as soon as they connect, he’s lost in a pull of attraction he’s never felt before. He falls in love with Owain long before he knows it.
There’s a twist, as always, in my romances and of course a happy ending. I hope you enjoy the passion between these two men and the fun in the build to the end where I allow life to play tricks on them the way we all know it can.
Warning: This MM love story contains, MM sex, rimming, frottage, in the frequent love scenes
Paranormal gay male romantic erotica, Hidden Magic, 114 pages
On launch special at Evernight Publishing
Available all other Amazon sites: Global link http://a-fwd.com/asin-com=B0786SVL37
Read a Teaser
* “I should get home.” Owain closed the trunk and walked with Rowan to the cottage.
* Rowan led the way down the hall and into the dining room where he placed the box he carried on a long table. “Why, Owain? Is someone there waiting for you? Do you have a boyfriend?” His cock still strained against his jeans, and he ached to hold Owain close. It was as if he’d already become addicted to the gorgeous man who glanced at him with his sexy dark eyes.
* Without answering, Owain carefully placed the box of mistletoe on the table.
* Rowan gazed at Owain. He had to know right then if this man was available. “Tell me.”
* Owain’s eyes filled with what looked to Rowan like pleasure and amusement—a strange mix of emotions.
* Rowan smiled, happier. “Please.”
* “I have no one waiting for me. I don’t have a boyfriend, lover, or partner. I have somewhere to be, though. There’s always a family gathering for Yule. People come from across the country. I always help plan it.” He smiled and touched Rowan’s arm. “We could meet tomorrow.”
* The smile and suggestion sent waves of happiness over Rowan. “I’ll come out to the car with you. We’ll make arrangements.” He followed Owain to the driver’s side of the SUV.
* Owain leaned against the door and held out his arms.
* Rowan’s heart leapt as he saw the gesture. There was no one to see, and he surged into Owain’s arms, pushing his cock on Owain’s hard body. “You’ll never know how welcome this is, to press against you, to have you hold me. Owain, I want you so badly. I can’t believe it.” He murmured the words a breath away from Owain’s lips—then Owain kissed him. It was like falling into a soft, sexual haze that lifted him from his feet. His eyes closed, heavy with lust, and he grabbed Owain’s hips to thrust his lower body along Owain’s until with a groan he contacted the hard column of Owain’s cock. “You want me, too.”
* Owain left his mouth as Rowan broke the kiss to breathe and speak. He nuzzled one of Rowan’s ears and whispered. “I’m fucking desperate.”
* Rowan pushed his hand between them and pressed his palm on the shape of Owain’s erection.
* “I wish there was somewhere to go now. I wish I could open your pants and suck the cum from you. I’m so hard my cock’s aching.”
* Owain gently put him at arm’s length. “I’m the same, but I must go now. I work at the reindeer farm, that’s my place. In my jacket pocket there’s a business card. Come to see me any time tomorrow. I’ll show you around.” He brought out the card he’d referred to and held it out to Rowan.
* Rowan took it. “I will.” He gazed at Owain. “I never expected to meet you.”
* Owain leaned to his face and placed a soft, quick kiss on his mouth. “I’m glad you did.”
Copyright E.D.Parr 2017 Evernight Publishing

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a look at ‘Blond’ by E.D.Parr #gay #romance @parr_books @evernightpub

MM Romantic erotica, shifter gay romance
What would you think if the guy you were dating raced off every night before midnight and would never say why? Would you succumb to the urge to follow him one night?
Liam Hale can’t believe his luck when he meets the man of his dreams, Karl Oberon.
Hunky Karl is the sexiest man Liam has ever met, but his mysterious disappearances start to tease. 
Gorgeous Liam is the only man Karl has ever loved. 
Together they spark and sizzle with passion, but Karl doesn’t know how to tell Liam why he races away. Maybe keeping Liam’s mind off the question with mind-blowing erotic encounters will work.

Warning this book contains
MM sex, MM anal sex in various positions, MM oral sex, MM sex in restrooms of gay bar, MM partner masturbation and anal play 

Read a teaser 18+

Karl rested his face on Liam’s. He whispered on Liam’s mouth. “You’re hot as hell. I’m fuckin’ desperate to feel your hard cock in my hand.” Then he kissed Liam.

The passion that traveled over Liam as Karl’s lips merged with his in a slow, soft, lingering kiss, weakened his thighs. The skin between his legs under his balls throbbed. His cock jerked in his pants. He returned the kiss grabbing Karl’s head and thrusting his cock in upward strokes on the hard column in Karl’s pants. He kissed Karl until every fiber of his being screamed to come. He murmured between kisses. “The restroom here is a good place for desperados.”

Karl smiled against his mouth. “I was hoping you’d say that.” He crushed Liam close in a final hug as the song ended and then he broke away.

Liam followed Karl across the dance floor and through the door that led to a short corridor and the restrooms. These weren’t like the toilets in some gay bars that Liam disliked for their barren and sometimes grubby surrounds. The restrooms in this bar were sparkling clean and spacious. Two of the stalls at the end of the row had benches and wash basins. Liam had laughed at them when he’d first seen them, but now he walked past Karl and showed him into one.

Karl flicked the catch along on the door lock. He pushed Liam against the wall with one hand, and as his tongue forced Liam’s lips open, with the other hand he dragged Liam’s jeans zipper down.

Liam moaned, overwhelmed with the need to feel Karl’s hands on his cock. He grabbed his jeans to help, and jerked them down his ass to his thighs as he sucked Karl’s tongue into his mouth. His cock sprang free, but not for long.

Karl grasped the shaft. He drew way from Liam’s lips and gazed into his eyes. “You’re leaking. You look ready to be fucked. Do you want that? To be fucked? To have my hard dick ram into your ass until your cum spurts up your chest?”

Liam’s entire body went into meltdown. His cock throbbed and his balls lifted so tight he instinctively reached his hand down to stroke them. His fingers met Karl’s wrapped around his dick. Liam’s stomach tightened inwards and he groaned. “I need to come so bad I’m about to fall down.”

Karl knelt and pushed his fingers between Liam’s legs. He stroked Liam’s balls with his thumb and clamped his other hand around Liam’s cock tight. The helmet head poked out of his fist and Karl lapped at the slit then circled his tongue around and around until Liam was gasping and thrusting.
Karl pumped Liam’s dick fast and hard. He teased at Liam’s ass with his fingertips and his palm cradled Liam’s aching balls.

Liam orgasmed with such intensity he grabbed Karl’s shoulders bending his head, and groaned open mouthed against the white linen shirt Karl wore. He thrust up into Karl’s fist and only stopped as the waves of delicious pleasure waned and left him drowning in satisfaction and gratitude.

Karl pushed Liam’s shirt up with strong hands and licked up his stomach.

The trail of exquisite sensation he left made Liam wince and sigh. He grasped Karl’s head, his fingers slipping through Karl’s soft, abundant hair, trying to bring Karl’s face to his for a kiss. “Kiss me, please…”

Copyright E.D.Parr