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Today we have author Dana Ford visiting. Welcome!

What would you like to tell readers about yourself?

* Dana Ford has enjoyed writing stories since she can remember. She has penned several books and has found a new love in writing mystery fiction. Her favorite hobbies besides writing is watching old movies, volunteering in her community, and spending precious moments with her family.

Today Dana Ford will be talking about the first book she read that had a big impact on her.
* Great question! Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss. This book was given to me when I got a job promotion early in my career. After reading it, I literally felt excited an empowered for my new career adventure!

A look into…

~ Blurb ~

* In this mystery fiction novel, Georgia Richards lost hope of ever seeing her husband again since he disappeared over a year ago. On a Saturday afternoon, she thought she saw him at a play; on stage at the Oaksdale Playhouse. But, Georgia didn’t have the courage to find out if it was really him. Constance McCauley was empathetic to Georgia’s faint of heart and decided to offer her investigation services to find the true identity of this mysterious man. Would Constance be able to track down Georgia’s estranged husband? If he was found, why had he been missing for over a year? As Constance pursued this case with a combination of faith and persistence, she witnessed the power of forgiveness unfold before her eyes.

~ Excerpt ~

* It was beautiful inside. The space quaint, low lighting, enough ambience to make a lucrative business deal or extend a marriage proposal. Thanks to Troy making reservations, we were seated right away in a cozy booth for two. Sean placed a marketing folder on the table next to his place setting. “I’m looking forward to talking about what we can do for your company.” He said. His eyes were naturally a darker brown in this low lighting. I smiled, thankful for the distraction of the waiter.
* “Would you care for some wine?” The waiter asked pleasantly.
* “None for me, thank you.” I replied.
* “I’ll take a glass of your best red wine.” Sean responded.
* “Very good sir.”
* Sean jumped right in. “Did Alex talk to you about all of our services or did he just focus on one aspect of what we do, like print advertising?”
* “Well, I actually did not tell you the whole truth about Alex and I.”
* Sean perked up to listen.
* “I do own a private investigation firm, but I never met Alex through your company.” The waiter returned with Sean’s glass of wine and sparkling water for me. We both ordered their chef’s special pasta with a salad.
* “Oh.” Sean thought for a moment.
* “But, tell me. What services do you have?” I asked. I actually did want to know.
* Until dinner arrived, Sean presented all of the details that were included in the marketing folder that he had brought. He pitched ways to expose my business from print advertising, to social media strategies. “Are you interested in pursuing any of these marketing approaches?” He asked, knowing that he was one of the best salesmen on the Brown & Edwards sales team.
* Taking a look over all of the amazing food that was just placed on our table, I also considered the marketing services that Sean had presented. “Let me think about it.” I responded.
* “You had the same hesitation when we met the other day. What exactly are you thinking about?” He returned like a true salesman.

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Thank you for joining us here today, Dana Ford! It was a pleasure getting to know you and your story.

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